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S4. Vermicelli Crab Meat with Shrimp Soup (Bun Rieu Cua Tom)

Tomato chicken broth with real crab meat and tiger shrimp. Served with...

S8. Spicy Thick Vermicelli Soup (Bun Bo Hue) Spicy

Brisket (cook beef), pork ham, chicken ball, spicy soup.

S3. Vermicelli Crab Meat with Fish Cake Soup (Bun Rieu Cua Cha Ca)

Tomato chicken broth with real crab meat and fish cake. Served with vermicelli...

S10. Sate Peanut Pho with Beef (Phở Sate Bò)

S9. Hanoi-Style Vermicelli Noodles with Grilled Pork and Pork Patty (Bun Cha Ha Noi)

Grilled pork belly and pork patty in fish sauce served with vermicelli...

S5. Special Fried Rice (Com Chien Dac Biet)

Come with shrimp, pork ham, chinese sausage, veggie and pork floss on ...

S6. Chicken Fried Rice (Com Chien Ga)

Come with lemongrass chicken and vegetables.

S1. Beef Stew with Rice (Com Bo Kho)

S7. Vegetable Fried Rice (Com Chien Chay)

Come with eggs, deep fried tofu and vegetables.

S10. Sate Peanut Pho with Chicken (Phở Sate Gà)

S11. Chicken Sticky Rice (Xoi Ga)

Sticky rice with chopped free range chicken.

S1. Beef Stew with 2 Bread (Banh Mi Bo Kho)

S1. Beef Stew with Rice Noodle (Pho Bo Kho)

S12. Chicken with Bamboo-Shoot Vermicelli (Bún Măng Gà)

Come with bamboo shoot, thin vermicelli, chicken broth.

S2. Vermicelli Crab Meat with Snails Soup (Bun Rieu Cua Thit Oc)