P1. House Special Pho (Pho Dac Biet)

Rare beef, brisket, beef ball, tendon, and tripe.

P2. Rare Beef Pho (Pho Tai)

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P16. Chicken and Rare Beef Pho (Pho Tai Ga)

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P4-A. Beef Ball Pho (Phở Bò Viên)

P15. Chicken Pho (Pho Ga)

P11. Rare Beef, Brisket and Beef Ball Pho (Phở Tái Nạm Bò Viên)

P14. Brisket and Beef Ball Pho (Phở Nạm Bò Viên)

P6. Tripe Pho (Pho Sach)

P3. Brisket Pho (Pho Nam)

P4-B. Chicken Ball Pho (Phở Gà Viên)

P5. Tendon Pho (Pho Gan)

P12. Rare Beef, Brisket and Tendon Pho (Phở Tái Nạm Gân)

P10. Rare Beef and Tripe Pho (Phở Tái Sách)

P4-C. Beef & Chicken Pho (Pho Bo & Ga Vien)

P8. Rare Beef and Beef Ball Pho (Tai Bo Vien)

P9. Rare Beef and Tendon Pho (Phở Tái Gân)

P13. Rare Beef, Brisket and Tripe Pho (Phở Tái Nạm Sách)

P7. Rare Beef and Brisket Pho (Pho Tai Nam)